Saturday, February 11, 2012

That's Y'Amore Blogfest 2012

Happy early Valentine's Day!  This year, I'm delighted to be celebrating with the lovely ladies of Oasis for YA for their Second Annual That's Y'Amore Blogfest.  Once again, the ladies have invited anyone who wants in to post 250 swoon-worthy words from their Young Adult Works-in-Progress.

If you're starting here, welcome!  I'm flattered! *bats eyes* When you're done, head on back to the Oasis to keep going on the blogfest.

Last year, I semi-cheated by putting up 250 words from a completed work because I hadn't gotten to any swoon-worthy parts in my WIP.  This year, I'm delighted to share a selection from my actual work in progress!

She stands with her face turned up to the sky, smiling in wonder as she's dusted with snow.  “This is amazing.”  Her hair is the color of maple leaves in fall and sugared with fat, white flakes.  There is snow on her hat, her coat, her green mittens, her eyelashes.  She blinks, and one fluffy flake dances away.  Her smile falters when she finally looks at me.  “I guess this isn't that exciting for you.”
“No, it's--  You're...” The words are caught in my throat.  I want to tell her she looks beautiful, sparkling with snow and pink-cheeked.  I want to say she's the loveliest thing I've ever seen.  That she's like everything good about Christmas and none of the stress.  That she makes me feel like I might burst with bliss.  “You're beautiful.”
“So are you.” She smiles.
We kiss and warmth rushes through me like a freight train.  I wrap my arms around her, loving the way she leans into me so far I know I'm the only thing keeping her from falling.  Wind blows snow around my bare head, but I'm on fire from within so I don't feel cold anymore.  Her minty taste is cooler than ever in the crisp chill of the night.
This.  This is the reason we get up in the morning and do the things that we do.  Because every day there's a chance someone will want to kiss you in the snow and make the world amazing.  Make your body work overtime, remembering how to fill the tiniest capiliaries with hot blood, and stirring the remote corners of your brain with electricity.  There's the chance you might remember why you want to stay alive for as long as possible.  Because every day, you might get a kiss from a beautiful girl who glows in moonlight and covers your ears with her mittened hands to keep them warm when neither of you want to stop kissing in a empty parking lot that looks as magical as a snow globe under the right conditions.  These conditions.  This girl.  This snow.  These kisses.