Thursday, May 13, 2010

LOST Predictions - You Heard it Here First

I have a long and proud history of being obsessed with television shows. When I like a show, I see every episode, often twice. From Northern Exposure to Friends, The X-Files to Big Bang Theory, if you catch my interest, I will be a loyal fan of the highest order.

So it has been with LOST since the very first episode. The opening scenes were enough to get me wide-eyed and fluttery-hearted. I turned to my husband at the first commercial break and said, "I love this show." I wasn't lying.

Now, it's almost over. Two episodes left. When I'm not busy planning my mourning attire for the big day, I think about how it will end. This is pretty much the main hobby of anyone who watches the show.

So, today, before these precious last two episodes air, I am putting down my predictions in public so that if I am right, no one will think I just made it up after. And if I'm wrong, well, by God, I'm going down in flames. Publicly. The American way. Or something.

The final scene of the show will feature the classic, slow LOST theme (dun-da-dun da-da-da-dun da-dun...) and we'll watch as, alive and well, all the Lostaways disembark from Oceanic Flight 815 at LAX. As scheduled, and on-time. But not to any flash sideways this time, although to an alternate future where all of the events of the past have been assimilated into the passengers. Therefore all our happy couples get their happily ever after. (That last part might be wishful thinking on my part.)

The only difference? Jacob's replacement won't be there.

And I think Jacob's replacement is Jack. BUT, I think Kate will be trapped on the island forever, too.

Here, I have two possible outcomes. Both of them make me want to cry a little, but they came from my own head so I have no one to blame but myself.

In the first, I think Jack will be the new guardian, but Sawyer will be the new Man in Black. And somehow, poor, caught-in-the-middle Kate will get stuck there. An eternal love triangle. I freaking HATE love triangles. That one would really kill me.

In the second, I still have Jack as guardian, but he has to choose between letting Kate die and letting her become the new Man in Black. Being Jack, he will of course choose to save her, pitting them against each other on the island for all eternity.

My brain is pretty twisted, eh?

So, there you have it. My big predictions. I hope I'm wrong in a way, because those endings, while appropriate would be pretty darn frustrating. On the other hand...I do so love to be right about things.

*sobs* I need a new obsession! LOST, what will I do without you?

(In a more rational post, perhaps we can talk about the long arc storytelling the writers of LOST used and how incredibly innovative that was.)

(On second thought, I'll probably be too busy crying quietly at the mere mention of the show for a few years. Hmm...)

If you're not a fan, my apologies. If you are--well, by all means, tell me what you think!

- Liz


Eleven Eleven said...

Can you believe I don't watch Lost?

I know, it should be right up my alley, but after ten minutes of a first season episode where everyone got scared over some invisible monster, I was unimpressed. Now, I think it was probably just a bad first impression, because eavesdropping tells me Lost totally would be my thing.

Of course, now that I know this without actually having been sucked into its vortex, I avoid it like the iPhone. Both would plague me with their addictiveness.

Elana Johnson said...

I've never seen an episode, but I think I'm going to rent them and watch it from beginning to end as soon as it's over.