KILLING THE MESSENGER (Young Adult, 70,000 words, complete)

Relationships should be easy, if you pay attention.

CHRONIC (Young Adult, word count TBD, Work in Progress)
Sydney isn't going to die, but she hasn't figured out how to live, either.

LAST CALL (Commercial Women's Fiction, word count 110K, first draft done, waiting for revisions)
Boy meets girl, girl accidentally transports boy's property out of the country. Boy has never met anyone quite like this girl.

THE SORBET GUY (Chick-lit, word count 63K, undergoing revisions)
When the relationship ends, sometimes you just need to cleanse your palate.

Check out the purdy, purdy cover my friend Wilette made for this book!

My playlist for this book can be found here.

WE SHOULD MEET (Chick-lit, word count 68K, revised and back-burnered)
A romantic comedy of dialogue.

My playlist for this book can be found here.