Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I've been MIA, AWOL and incommunicado on most fronts for quite some time. The main reason is that I've been finishing a major revision on my project The Sorbet Guy. (There have been a few Teaser Tuesdays featuring these revisions.) I'm mostly done now, just doing a final run-through with notes from my critique partners, but that work is easier and lets me venture out of my Fortress of Solitude.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to share some of the things I did and learned during this rewrite. Maybe there will be something in it for you, maybe not, but consider it's all I've been up to, I feel the need to put it out there.

I'm also about to get back in the query saddle again, and I'll give you all updates on how that goes as well. Fingers crossed for requests galore.

So, I thank you all for your patience with me of late, as I have been a terrible blog reader as well. And a Twitter has-been. I hope to get back to it all with a bit of moderation. Writing will stay my number one priority, but I miss the community, so I'll be around. Promise.

- Liz

5 comments: said...

I for one would love to hear any of the harrowing stories out of that feared place, "Rewritesville".
Glad you're back on line!

Kristan said...

Good luck!! Glad to see you're still alive. And productive, haha, I'm jealous.

MJ Heiser said...

Oh, thank the Heavens. I've been worried, frantic, and desperate for some Liz Czukas-goodness.

Best of luck on that query thing, too. *dons cheer costume* RAH!!!

Eleven Eleven said...

A new blog post! And with a creepy picture of an empty prison! I love them both.

Can't wait to hear about your revision exploits in blog form. It promises to be a must-read.

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

good luck on the querying! I've been MIA too...trying to get back to it now!