Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vacation Round-Up

(I'm totally waving at you from the beach)

Things I Did Right
1. Stopped at Walgreen's to get some "I know he'll eat this" stuff for the three-year-old on the way to the hotel.
2. Packed the perfect amount of toys and managed to bring them all home in almost the same condition.
3. Didn't overpack my own clothes for once.

Things I Did Wrong
1. Got sunburned, but only on my left shoulder.
2. Didn't drink enough water because I'm a cheapskate who wouldn't pay $4 for a bottle of Fiji water, thank you very much.
3. Shouted the word Pornography! in a ballroom full of my husband's business colleagues. (I had a good reason, I swear)

Things I Learned
1. My three-year-old is a better traveler than I would have given him credit for.
2. The contents of an adult stomach can fit neatly into a disposable kid's cup in an emergency.
3. There is NOTHING GOOD in walking distance from the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan, Florida.

Obligatory Weird Vacation Occurrences
1. Met a reality-TV star.
2. Tripped over a highway in the ocean.
3. Landed at an airport with no radar.

It's good to be home.

How was your week?

- Liz


Eleven Eleven said...

LOL! I've said things like Pornography! in front of a crowd like that. I have a feeling your reason was far better than mine.

On my vacation a week ago, I also got sunburned only on the left shoulder. What cosmic elements aligned to give us matching sunburns?

Three years is that magical age where kids become easily transportable again (pre-crawling also works if everyone's sleeping enough). Congrats on reaching that milestone; vacations should be much more enjoyable from here on out.

Kristan said...

Not as exciting as yours, apparently. :P

Welcome back

MJ Heiser said...

Wow. Vacations are such a great learning opportunity.

I'm glad you're back.

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Who puked and what reality star did you meet??? Miss *chatting* with you!

Liz Czukas said...

@11-11: If a game show is a good reason, then I had a good reason. Left shoulder burns are a sign of intelligence, I'm sure.

@Kristan: Thank you! It's good to be home.

@MJ: Always. Missed your voice last week :(

@Kelly: My mom puked, and I can't say. I swear I have a good reason, sorry. I sent you an e-mail, dah-ling, it's been too long!

- Liz