Monday, December 13, 2010

The World's Worst Blogger

I've been a querying machine lately.  It seems like all I do is research agents, write letters and save small segments of my books in every imaginable page length, document type and font size.

In the midst of all that querying, I read a lot of agent blogs, submission guidelines, FAQs, Writers' Resources and the like.  A lot of them talk about what kind of on-line presence they like writers to have.  Most of them mention a blog.

Some are kind enough to tell you what they don't like to see in a blog.  Namely:  infrequent posting.


Being the insecure little unpub'd writer that I am, I--of course--interpret this to mean:  "Liz, you don't post enough on your blog, and even if I were interested in offering you representation, one little google search would have me thinking otherwise, because here you are NOT POSTING ON YOUR BLOG."


So, now I wonder--is having a bad blog worse than having no blog?  And if so, what do I do now?

I'll tell you one thing--this place needs a cosmetic overhaul.  I've got blog ennui.  It's ugly here and recent attempts to snapify it up have resulted in making it uglier.  It's like I got an ugly house and covered it in a coat of builder's white.  Blech.

New Year's Resolution perhaps?  Perhaps.

What do you guys think:  Is a bad blog worse than no blog?

- Liz


Kristan said...

I suppose that yes, having a bad blog is worse than having no blog, BUT I don't think YOU have a bad blog! I would guess infrequent posting would mean less than once a month. But you are a part of the writing community, you offer good content when you do post, and you post a few times a month. You're all good!

Good luck with the queries!

Laura Pauling said...

I agree. You don't have a bad blog. Bad blogs are when the skeleton has been sitting there for 6 months, unposted. Twice a month is fine. Once a week is fine. Five days a week is fine.

And to me, bad blogging means talking about your writing all the time as in sharing rejections, sharing your work and making it about me, me, me. And you don't seem to do that. Don't worry!

Eleven Eleven said...

By overhaul do you mean less legs? Because I have always liked the legs. But you knew that.

Maybe I'm out to lunch on what makes a bad blog, but I think infrequent blogging is fine. That's why the internet gods made Google Reader.