Thursday, February 3, 2011

Regarding Inspiration and Sara Zarr

Although I wasn't at the conference, I fell in love with Candy Gourlay's notes from Sara Zarr's keynote speech at SCBWI NYC last week.

Read it, be inspired.

Notes from the Slushpile: NYC 2011: Sara Zarr gives the speech that she wanted to hear: "Bits and Pieces"

- Liz

P.S. Who wants to hear about how I got my agent? Next post, maybe?


Kristan said...

Wait a minute, what?!??!?!? You got an agent?! CONGRATS!!!!

Eleven Eleven said...

I also loved loved loved those notes on Sara Zarr's keynote speech.

You are such a tease, leaving a post script like that. Must be the storyteller in you hooking your audience. :)