Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Acts of Bravery

Today, I committed random acts of bravery. Well, for a writer anyway. See, as a breed, we are largely introverted (though general charming when you get to know us) and writing is by nature a solitary endeavor. To be fair, the very idea of querying was terrifying to me at first, because it meant I had to seek someone else's approval [rejection].

But, I digress. To the list.

1. I did my first "pitch." It wasn't in person, but it was still an experience worth having. The competition is stiff, but we should have answers tomorrow.

2. I internet stalked a number of my fellow pitchers. Why? Because they, like me, are writing contemporary YA, or Women's Fiction, and in the current market [all fantasy/paranormal all the time], it was nice to know I wasn't the only square peg.

3. My stalking resulted in some new e-mail contacts, a couple new followers at Twitter and some fun new blogs to haunt.

4. I wrote a synopsis, which most every writer I have ever met/read about/can imagine dreads the way most people dread a root canal.

5. I sent out four queries. My hands didn't even shake when I hit send this time. [Personal growth!]

So, now we're back to our regularly scheduled program of waiting, obsessively checking my e-mail and trying to tamp down hope. Now if THAT was a career path, I would be the frickin' CEO in no time.

- Liz

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Mary Brebner said...

You deserve the superhero award! Good lord, querying is one of the most nerve-wracking things I think I've ever done. Did you do the CJLA pitch contest? I missed it! For some reason, I thought it was for today...oh well. Not meant to be. But I'll go check out the entries, now that I know they're there.

Good luck in your search for an agent! I'm sending out a pile of queries this weekend (if I can make my shaky finger hit the "send" button) so we'll be stressing together. w00t!

MJ Heiser said...

Have I mentioned lately you rock socks?

Kristan said...

Props to you! That's a lot for one day. Me? I watched anime. Doh... Well, today I'm playing god and building me a fictional world. Woohoo! :P

Kelly said...

Yay for contemporary YA! You can stalk me anytime!! And the pitch was a good learning experience, right? Feedback is always good!