Friday, September 10, 2010

Open Letters

Dear Friday,

Thursday was not forthcoming with the sleep.  You're going to have to make do with caffeine and sugar.  Starting tonight, we're going on a sleep hygiene diet--promise.


Dear Fall,

I think you know that you and I haven't exactly been friends in the past.  I hate the cold, and really it's all you have to offer.  Your pollen and mold, while I'm sure delightful in an Earth-renewing kind of way, make my eyes itch and my nose drip.  I appreciate the earlier sunsets a little, because my son is much more willing to go to bed when it's dark, but if we could somehow negotiate for a permanent 8:00pm set time, that would be great.  Also, if you want to put a cap on the cold weather in the 60-something range, I would be willing to reconsider my position on you as an all-around harbinger of suck to come.

With Hope,

Dear WIP,

Let's pick up the pace.  We've done a lot more than this in a lot less time before.  You're just embarrassing me.  I'll bring the chocolate chip cookies and the fingers, you bring the work ethic.


Dear Zit on my Forehead,

Can we be done now?



Eleven Eleven said...

LOL, Liz! So many problems with so many personified entities. You make me giggle.

Dear Friday,
You are so good to me. If you wanted to stick around for a couple days, I'd gladly kick Saturday to the curb.

Dear Fall,
I love you. You're the only decent season in Texas, so hurry up with your dying hurricane drama and give me my cool and dry afternoons already.

Dear WIP,
One of us is dragging our feet, and I'm pretty sure it's not me. Stop being so difficult and work with me already.

Dear zit on my forehead,
I suspect you were really a spider bite, but whatever. You should be gone by now, and we both know it. Why don't you and your friend on my chin go bother a teenager or something.

Kristan said...

Oh man, if your zit listens, I'll write a letter to each and every one of mine. For some reason, two weeks ago I broke out into pizza face like I haven't done in YEARS, and I hate it. :'(

Mary Brebner said...

Oh, girl, I'm right there with you. In fact, I'm envisioning the open letters I could write...
Thanks for the laugh!