Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I spent too long trying to
figure out if the two pics were
the same girl.
I was pleasantly surprised by Rachel Hawkins's Hex Hall.  I'm not an enormous paranormal fan, so I was expecting to find it acceptable, but not much more.  Instead, the voice made me drool with envy.  And the plot, while somewhat predictable, threw me a few twists that made me appreciate Hawkins's skill.  All in all, a big thumbs up and I'm looking forward to Demonglass.

My pathetic blogging efforts continue to be sporadic.  I have a great plan for a blog, but I can't find the video I need on-line, so it's not coming quickly.  Grr.

Bender.  HA!
Yesterday's "Futurama" marathon made me so freakin' happy it was a little pathetic.  Personally, I think it's the funniest cartoon on television--and yes, that includes "The Simpsons," "Family Guy," and "South Park."

My work on Chronic (still hate that title) is starting to pick up a bit.  Working on Chapter 8 right now, of an anticipated 24, so a third of the way done, I guess!  How crazy is that?  It does, however, mean I am just about to enter the dreaded Middle of the Book (cue suspenseful chord progression--duh-duh, DUHN!) so prepare for me to hate everything about it and think I'm a big fat hack.

On the query front, things are quiet.  Unfortunately, no news is not usually good news in the agenting world.  Especially when some of the agents in question are "No response means 'No'" people.  Right now, I've only got one lonely partial out in the world, but you just never know which one is going to be The One, right?  Right?  Hello?  Is this thing on?

J.A. Souders - who will probably want to
kill me for putting her picture here
My friend J.A. Souders is having a big ol' contest over at her blog.  She's giving away all kinds of goodies, from books to manuscript critiques and all you have to do is follow her blog.  Easy, peasy!  So go do it.  

So, how was your weekend?

- Liz


Kelly@ JustWrite said...

I hear you on the blogging front! I've been virtually non-existant but I'm hoping to get back to it this week. Yay for pre-school!

Is it me or did a lot of the blog world take a little break?

jasouders said...

LOL. I HATE that picture. :D But it's okay you posted it. For now. But you have to promise to put my new one up when I get it.

Thanks for posting a link to the contest. :D I feel your pain about blogging, BTW.

Eleven Eleven said...

I love Futurama! For me, it surpasses ALL comedies, even non-cartoons. That particular marathon makes me sad, though, because it marks the end of the season. No new episodes for months and months...I don't know if I'll survive.

Good luck with the murky middle. My middles always remind me of the marshes outside Mordor (in The Two Towers, ironically the MIDDLE book). Creepy things could drag you into the water and drown your plot if you start seeing the trees instead of the forest. This is when it's nice to have friends who save you from tree obsession.

Mary Brebner said...

Yeah, my blogging on my writing blog is very sporadic. I'm a lot better about posting on my book review site. Good luck on the partial (one's better than none, right) and muddling through the middle (that's where I am in my book too. Writing is hard-going right now. Uhg!).

Kristan said...

Just back from vacation, so I guess my "weekend" was good. :)

Go go go, on Chronic! Don't worry about the blog too much. Writing first, always.