Monday, October 4, 2010

More About Me Monday - Stupid Human Tricks Edition

I found an article about things that most people can't do, no matter how hard they try.  (This is the article, if you're interested.)  I've heard these called Stupid Human Tricks, and I think it's because people look so stupid trying to do the things they can't.  Those who can only look marginally stupid.  Or really cool, in the case of my number one stupid human trick.

So here's my list of Stupid Tricks:

1. Raise one eyebrow.  Only the left, but I'm darn good at it.

2. Licking my own elbow.  I practically get a tongue cramp doing it, but I can do it.

3.  Rolling my tongue.  Much to my non-rolling husband's dismay.

4.  Sneeze with my eyes open.  I've only done it while driving and it's not pleasant.

5.  Tickle myself.  On occasion, only along my ribs.  Very embarrassing if done in front of someone else.

6.  Touch my elbow to my opposite shoulder.

7.  While lying on my back, rest on my knees on my shoulders.   I can actually put them on the bed beside me, under my arms.

8.  Pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time.  And the reverse, actually.

What's your stupid human trick?

- Liz


MJ Heiser said...

I can draw circles going in opposite directions (clockwise, right index finger; counter-clockwise/widdershins, left index finger). I can also wiggle my ears and raise that left eyebrow. In every other way, I'm a pretty standard human.

Kristan said...

Holy geez, are you a pretzel or something?!

I can do NONE of these things. I am the least "tricky" person I know. :'(

Eleven Eleven said...

I'm a tongue roller, but I missed the double jointed gene.

Apparently, I have freakishly loose ligaments. I can swirl my knee caps and shoulders around in their joints like nobody's business.

Oh, and I can do MJ's trick with my whole hands. I call it my 'Maximilian' move, that robot with helicopter-blade hands from 1979's The Black Hole.

Kate said...

Lets see...I can raise each eyebrow separately (as can my sister. It's what my mother calls "The Look").
I can dislocate my shoulders at will, and put them back in very easily.
I'm double jointed, so I can do that freaky finger thing.
I can roll my tongue, and put it into a three-leaf clover.
I can wiggle my ears both together, and each separately, too.
Oh yeah, and when I lay down on my stomach, I can touch my feet to my head.

I guess I'm a pretty strange human!