Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walking and Chewing Gum

Last night I was thinking how great it would be if I could watch the movie I wanted to watch and capture every detail while I was still playing TowerMadness on my iPod. Of course, that's not possible, but it got me thinking about everything I wish I could do at the same time.

The list gets tiresome after a while, because I pretty much wish I could write while I was doing everything else, but there's some particular cases where I wish it was true.

I wish I could:
- read and write while I'm in the shower
- write while I drive
- write while I'm walking around outside with my son
- sleep while I drive
- clean the house while I sleep
- write while I'm pretending to listen to boring people (they'd notice, wouldn't they?)

Am I the only one who wants to combine activities? Is this a writer thing? Sound off!

- Liz


eleven said...

LOL! I wish all the same things! Especially writing while I'm in the shower or driving. I've even mentioned to my friends that if someone ever invents a waterproof laptop with suction cups for shower wall attachment, it would make the perfect gift, wink wink.

Ann Elle Altman said...

- write while I drive (I do this...)

- write while I'm walking around outside with my son (I do this...of course I don't do this while I'm crossing the street because I risk getting hit by others who write and drive)

- sleep while I drive (you don't do this? Wow, you sure waste time)

- write while I'm pretending to listen to boring people (they'd notice, wouldn't they?)

(Yes, they'd notice but you do one of two things...

One, you tell them they're so interesting you're writing their lines down for a future book. However, they will always ask the same thing, 'Oh, can I see?' That's why I learned shorthand. I show them and they can't read it... well, except for the time I showed my Aunt Lucy who I soon found out read shorthand. Note to self: don't plan your next mystery's murder while having a conversation with Aunt Lucy.

And two, you tell them straight off that they're boring. That accomplishes two things - it allows you to write and often the boring person will no longer want to talk to you. Win - Win.


Kristan said...

You're definitely not the only one! But don't mix and match your activities, haha, it's dangerous!

I wish I could multi-task too. But I've learned that I'm better off focusing.

Jill Kemerer said...

Me too. I wish I could get all the yucky chores done while I'm sleeping. That would be awesome!

Tawna Fenske said...

I would like to write while I drink wine. Oh, wait. I already do this.

Goal achieved!


Journaling Woman said...

I am a writing fool. I want to write write write about everything.