Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Wanna Be a Sophomore

I'm a Labor & Delivery nurse in my so-called "real" life. In obstetrics, we refer to a woman who has already had babies (one or more) as a multip. They are the most desireable patients, because they know what to do, their bodies have proven themselves and things tend to go more smoothly and quickly. One of the doctors I work with used to joke that it was her life's ambition to be a multip (she is now).

In the record industry, an artist's second album is often called their sophomore album. I honestly don't know if that term is used in publishing, but it's certainly the same idea.

I want to have my first book published and be shopping a second one. I've even heard some agents say that they are harder on their slushpiles than published books. To get out of the pile and onto the shelves, you have to stand out, be amazing, wow everyone with your first page, first paragraph, first sentence. You have to have an amazing query letter, a synopsis that doesn't suck and a book that doesn't need a complete overhaul.

My first impression has to be better than a published author's second, third, or forty-eighth.

So what I want now is to be making a second impression. That's my new goal. Obviously publishing my first novel is a huge part of that process, but now I realize that getting that is a stepping stone. I want a career.

I want to be able to pitch a weird idea and have my agent and my publisher nod enthusiastically and tell me it'll sell.

Is that so much to ask?

- Liz


Kristan said...

"Is that so much to ask?"

Lol yeah probably. But I want it too, so I totally understand.

MJ Heiser said...

For most people, it IS a lot to ask -- but not for you.

Katherine said...

I want it too, daggit!

Jamesmcshane said...

I'm just surprised that you haven't been published already, Liz.

Liz Czukas said...

Aww, you guys are sweet. Now, how can I turn your unending optimism and faith into a publishing contract...hmm...

eleven said...

Its great to know your long term direction, so your immediate goals don't bog you down and get you off track from where you ultimately want to go.

Love the moment you're in, too. Taming chapter 7? High adventure! Still unpublished? Blissful anonymity. There's a silver lining to every stage in the process, even this one, which would be, what, entrance exams?

Lisa and Laura said...

You're right, that is totally the dream isn't it? To have editors/agents/readers and the publishing world in general so excited about YOU as an author that they want whatever you feel like spewing out.


And I have to say, I love your blog! So glad we found you! Er, you found us? Whatever. Nice to meet you.