Tuesday, March 8, 2011

About "Real" Superpowers

Even though I'd love to be an all-around empowered kind of girl, like Superman (as I've blogged about before), I know it's not possible.  But I still believe that everyone has a superpower or two.  They're just not the kind that comic books are made of.

My superpower is memorizing.  Not so much the useful stuff, but the trivial.  In particular--song lyrics.  They stick like glue.  Songs from my childhood.  My mom's childhood.  Hell, my grandfather's childhood. If I've heard it, I've still got it.  My son has come to rely on me to have all of the songs from his favorite shows and movies memorized.  He gets irritated when I don't.  He also gets irritated when I can't recite his bedtime books from memory.  I'm getting close, but my God, give a girl a chance.  It's the entire bibliography of Dr. Seuss just for starters.  (Current challenge:  The Lorax.)

If I were an X-Man, my name would be Memorasma.  Or maybe Recall.

My husband, on the other hand, has a different superpower.  You know when you're watching a show and you think "Hey, isn't that that guy from that thing?" or "Man, she looks familiar."  My husband actually knows who that is.  Almost without fail.  He can even recognize people who were child actors.  Just last week we saw an episode of the show Raising Hope (never saw it before) and he said, of one of the main female characters, "She was the daughter from Parenthood."

All I could do was blink at him.

A quick search at IMDb.com confirmed his diagnosis, and also informed us that the movie came out in 1989.  How the hell did he recognize her 22 years later?  I don't know.

So as long as you're not real determined to save the world, superpowers can be found without much trouble.

What's yours?

- Liz


MJ Heiser said...

I sacrifice huge swatches of my brain to the retention of irrelevant trivia. This data overwrites useful memories and face recognition.

Eleven Eleven said...

I can tune out like nobody's business. It is truly amazing what I fail to notice. Anyone with an extroverted preschooler will recognize this as one of the most amazing super powers available.