Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for About

Because I'm mildly insane, I've decided to try the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for April.  Thanks to Tossing It Out, I'll be (theoretically) blogging on a different topic for every letter of the alphabet, every day in April, except Sundays.

My theme is going to be What I've Learned About Writing, though I can't promise that every topic will be precisely that.

Today, of course, since it is April 1st (barely, but still, I made it for my time zone), my letter is A, which stands for

Eight months ago, I finished a lengthy audition process and began a new writing life as the Guide to Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss on the consumer health information site,  It's actually the primary reason I haven't been blogging around here as much as I used to, or as much as I'd like to.  See, working for About requires a time commitment.  But, honestly?  That's been a good thing.

Here's what I've learned:

1.  I am still capable of writing in an academic style!  Sources and everything! *pats self on back, wonders where diplomas are*

2.  It is possible to write 4800 words a month on contract (plus 7 blogs and 4 newsletters) and still have time for my fiction writing.  It takes some discipline, and the near-demise of my evenings, but it is possible.

3.  Writing non-fiction at a demanding pace like that keeps my fingers primed for writing fiction.

4.  Ideas for fiction can come from the strangest places.  There is a seed of an idea germinating in my brain.  I suspect it will be a slow grower--like maybe woolly bear caterpillar slow--but it could be good.

5.  It feels really really good to answer the question, "And what do you do?" with the words, "I'm a writer," and know there's a paycheck to back it up.

6.  I'm starting to think I could handle some other freelance assignments.  The world is full of possibilities.

Thanks, About!

- Liz

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Scribe said...

Great start on the A-Z challenge. I have often wondered about Hmmm - right number of 'abouts' and yet it still looks wrong. I am looking forward to reading your B entry tomorrow.