Tuesday, April 17, 2012

N is for Nothing

Okay, I'll be honest.  I'm mostly posting this because I want to be caught up again.  Don't worry, I have a great post for the letter O, just you wait.

On the other hand, I do believe in the power of nothing.  As writers it's easy to work ourselves into a froth.  If you're working a full-time job, you have to force time for writing into your schedule.  If you write full-time, you've got deadlines to meet.  If you've got kids...well, I don't even have to finish that statement, do I?  If you've sent something off to your agent or editor, it's almost impossible to stop yourself from refreshing your inbox into oblivion and stalking them on Twitter.

But there is great power in doing nothing.  Give yourself permission not to be writer sometimes.  Be frivolous and watch TV.  Play outside with your kids.  Pay attention to your significant other, your family, your friends.  You know...those pesky two-dimensional people in your life that require actual human interaction and love to survive.

Nothing recharges your batteries like nothing.  It's in the moments when my mind is most clear that I tend to get brainstorms anyway, so it's not like the nothing lasts very long.  Still, the point is, it's valuable.

So, get to it.  Go do some nothing.


Scribbles From Jenn said...

You are SO right. We think being busy is good, but often we are just spinning in circles, busy getting dizzy. I think I will allow myself more time to do nothing.

a.eye said...

So true about nothing recharging our batteries like nothing. I had one of those days on Saturday. But have still been too busy to create really great posts. Oh, well, at least I'm mentally ready to do so again, when I get the time.